Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Beau was begging for Lilo's bone, knowing that he had already finished his, so he just stared at it... he's so adorable I can't help but take hundreds of pictures of him...

With only 45 days to go, needless to say I haven't put aside much time to update the 'ole blog! Wish I could say that all checks were signed, but there's going to definitely be a push over the next few weeks to finish paying for everything. Time to live thrifty! Oh wait, that hasn't stopped since nursing school ;)

Speaking of which, I am LOVING my job. I love my patients, crazy or not, and feel like a sponge at work, learning more and more every day. My preceptor and I have been working very well together and she gives me the space that I need and is right there when I need her which fits for me perfectly. It has been an adjustment from working for a state hospital to a catholic hospital, but I feel it is the change that I needed and will love in the long run.

And running! I slacked off for a little while, but I am improving over the last few weeks :) I have logged 16 miles so far this week with my 5 miles Saturday, 6 Sunday, and 5 more today. Feels so good to be back in the groove since the weather is finally improved! It was in the 70s today, but is getting colder this weekend, unfortunately since we have plans for the Irish Festival this weekend. Guess we will just have to bundle up Saturday!

Is it crazy that I am already thinking about going back to school? I am playing with the idea of starting my bachelors degree in nursing next January, but after telling this to someone, they questioned me "why don't you just do the RN to MSN track?!". Hmm. Much to think about. If I do my BSN, I can remain with the same nursing school that I was originally with in which I know the teachers and feel comfortable. If I do MSN, I have to go elsewhere. Comfortable or new?? Always something that I have had a hard time determining....

We had an awesome time visiting friends in northern VA last weekend :) felt so good to just let our hair down and be "goofy" again together :)
Oh, and my poor cat Twix had to have major mouth surgery. The poor thing had gingivitis and ended up getting so badly inflamed that she had to have 9 teeth pulled. 9 FREAKIN TEETH! My poor little toothless twix! She has, however, become a whole new cat since they were removed. She is crazy as can be and finally has tolerable breath :)

Well, back to my movie :) I am so loving the freedom of no school and just relaxing with my babe every night... Maybe school can wait a little longer :)
ps, John is about 2 months free of cigarets! I am SOOOO proud of him :)

My babies at the back door loving spring :)

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