Friday, August 12, 2011

operation: buy a house.

Crazy picture, huh?! There was some very strange weather the other day that left the sky looking like a beautiful painting...

So our newest goal is to buy a house... ie: pay off debt, save a little in the process, get our act together, and hopefully within the next year be ready to buy. Needless to say, I have been dragging on some credit card debt for quite some time now and am ready to be free of it for good. For this, I have made a pay off goal for each month between now and January and will hopefully pay it off by then with our own money, and the remainder to be paid by our tax return in January/February. Boring, I know, but so worth it in the end! Our lease is up in February, so I'm thinking we will sign one more and just save for the next year for a down payment. Can we do it? If I give our credit cards to mom and dad and instruct them not to let us have them, yes :) I can't WAIT to buy and not feel like I have a cloud of debt hanging over our heads 24/7. This isn't even talking about my student loans, which I just consolidated, which I hope to pay off by the time I die! Money SUCKS! Anywho!

I went to an information session for RN-MS today and am totally motivated to do it as soon as possible! I only wish I had started looking earlier so I could be starting this month! Instead, I will apply by Feb 1st and hopefully find out if I was accepted by May and start August 2012. If I do this, I will have my NP by Spring 2014... meaning full time school and possible full time work, WOW I'm crazy. But so so so worth it if I am done by Spring 2014 :) I really want to do the pediatric NP, but am hearing more and more that I should pursue family NP because there are more options available once I graduate, but I can still do pediatrics with it. Decisions decisions! Enough rambling, I need to run to clear my head.

peace :)

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