Friday, January 14, 2011

escaping for the weekend

Rolo knows somethings up...

My man definitely knows how to make me happy. After a long week of cleaning out Grandma's apartment, her viewing, and funeral, I am more ready for a break from life than I ever have been. John is wisking me away to the Outer Banks for the weekend so I can get a little R & R before starting my new job in a week from Monday. Thank God for having a man like him :) He will be doing a little work, but I plan on doing some knitting, reading, walking on the beach, and just vegging out. I'm headed to the gym now so I don't feel like a complete slug when I return, but can't wait to leave in a few hours :)
Grandma's funeral was beautiful. The minister did an amazing job in the sermon talking about what a wonderful life she had led, making me burst into tears when talking about how proud she was of me. She would have loved every second of it and I know she was smiling down on us :)

Anywho, peace out RVA... busy week next week with my last 3 days as a care partner and graduation Thursday!

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