Tuesday, January 11, 2011

the slacker is back

What a crazy start to the year! First off, celebration is due because I passed my nursing boards f and am officially a Registered Nurse! YIPPEE!!!!!! But celebrations was cut short when my grandma was hospitalized last Thursday because she had developed an irregular heart rhythm called A. fib, which causes the heart to just quiver instead of ejecting the blood properly. This causes clots to form in the heart, and once they move from the heart, can get lodged in different places, for her in her right femoral artery, cutting off all circulation to her leg. SO, the doctor did emergency surgery Thursday night and removed the clot, but it seemed to be too late, because she rapidly declined through Friday and Saturday and passed away very peacefully Saturday evening. BAM, just like that, my 96 year old grandma is just gone forever. I think the shock is still lingering that she is gone. Mom and I have been spending lots of time together cleaning out her apartment, sharing stories and fun memories of her life. Thankfully, my work was very flexible for me and let me off all week. The viewing is tomorrow and the funeral will be Thursday. We will be moving the big furniture out on Saturday. I love and miss you already grandma, but I hope you are enjoying the homecoming with your 2 husbands who both preceded her in death and her 12 brothers and sisters, which she was the last surviving.

But anyways, back to reality, not that I really know what reality feels like since there's been so much changing over the past several weeks. One more week of work at MCV as a care partner, then graduation next Thursday, and begin my nursing orientation the last week of January! I even got my picture taken yesterday for my badge :) New beginnings my friends, all looking very exciting and promising! Now if I could just get myself back in gear with my workouts....

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