Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Well! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We actually ended up having a white Christmas, with snow starting yesterday afternoon and continuing until now, 4pm the day after Christmas! Our Christmas was wonderful, with a few bumps in the road last night, but all in all a success. I made all sorts of goodies to give as presents and felt so "betty crocker" when I finished. I made pumpkin butter, cream cheese cookies, pumpkin apple struslle muffins, and white chocolate oreo fudge and I will post those recipes later this week. YUM! The pups are exhausted from playing with their cousin, Lucy. Last night after dinner, my 96 year old grandma began to act very confused and rambling, and my mom and I thought it may be a stroke. We rushed her to the emergency room and they did many tests, labs, etc and decided it was probably a UTI and admitted her to the hospital for IV antibiotics and rest/comfort. GEEZ! At least it was minor and treatable, but so hard when it is your own grandma and she has age working against her. Any who, here are a few pictures to enjoy and I must get to studying for my NCLEX while I have time!
My mess of a kitchen while cooking up a storm!
Pumpkin Butter! Prepping my baskets and labelsPassed out pups amongst the Christmas mess :)

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