Sunday, November 7, 2010

6 months until marriage :)

WOW how time flies! After feeling like the big day will never come and now being engaged for 1 year and 3 months... only 6 MONTHS until our wedding! Unfortunately, it will be just me and the critters tonight since John is headed to North Carolina for work, but it's still pretty special :)

AND only 6 days until the half marathon! I ran 5 miles today and was super sore after, but I blame it completely on the cold. Man that cold air hurts my joints! Thankfully, they are calling for 67 degrees next Saturday :)

On another note, we got a new stove! My landlord rocks. We emailed her to let her know that 2, yes 2, of the stove burners were not working (SO not conducive to my cooking addiction!) and her response: "Ok, guess we will get you a new one!" Score!

Anywho, enough for tonight... first Transitions test tomorrow and I have a LOT of studying to do. Good thing it's nice and quiet ;) After this, only 2 tests, 1 final, and NCLEX left for nursing school! 5 weeks left of nursing school!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life is such a count down these days... lots to look forward to!

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