Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I deserved an adult beverage after today.

What a day. So that I may abide by my patient privacy responsibilities as a health care provider, I will spare the details, but I absolutely had an "ah-ha" moment today, remembering why I wanted to become a nurse in the first place. The fact that I have had so many blessings to put me where I am today, that I have my health, my family (whom I love with all my heart), a roof to sleep under, food on the table, and a grand future ahead of me is why I was put on this planet to help those in this world who were not bestowed these blessings. Can I figure out why bad things happen to good people? No, but I want to help them and hopefully make a difference in their life just by being their care provider while they are at their worst, as a patient in the hospital.

Anyways, a sweet old patient told me I looked just like Ashley Judd :) Definitely never heard that one before! I got on the Wii Fit yesterday to see what my progress was, and as Nov 2nd, I have lost 18 lbs total since January :) Possibly gained all that back tonight from the Chipotle I had for dinner (comfort food!), but I am going to run tomorrow :)

I'm about to go cross-eyed from my 12.5 hour shift and I have early clinical on the ole pediatrics unit tomorrow... bedtime for this brain-dead gal! xo

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  1. I love days like that! Where you just know you are on the right path and doing something you love.

    Tina -