Wednesday, November 10, 2010

HUGE weight lifted!

I got the most AMAZING news yesterday... I got hired at the hospital I wanted as a new grad RN on the post surgical and bariatric unit!!!!!!!!!!! A whole month prior to completing nursing school and I HAVE A J-O-B! I called John jumping and screaming with joy :) AND to make it even better, one of my favorite girls in nursing school is accepting a job on the same unit! Thank you God, because I feel so incredibly blessed :)

MORE awesome news, I booked a photographer for the wedding! Double whammy blessings, all yesterday! We had a phone interview Monday, and they told us someone else had inquired and talked about the same date, but they would give me first dibs if they tried to book because I had contacted them first, so sure enough, we got a call yesterday and had to make a quick decision... and I said YES to the photographer! ;) I'm a dork, yes, but a darn happy one!

The stars are aligned after much work and patience...

Only 3 days until the half marathon!!! I'm worried because I haven't run since Sunday, but I have been loading myself with carbs (PASTA PASTA PASTA!) and drinking tons of water, even going to add salt to my food the next two days (YUCK!) to help myself retain water a bit to prevent dehydration during the race... wow, I got hardcore all of a sudden!

No cooking for this chica today, but I plan to make something delicious tomorrow night :)



  1. That's so awesome! Yay!

    Eat carbs Friday night and add in some protein. I usually stick to pasta and some chicken. Eat more than just a banana in the AM. I made that mistake once on a long race...And don't drink too much in the AM, your body needs to run off what it has...made that mistake too.

    Let me know what corral you are in and hopefully we can work out a plan for meeting up Saturday morning and run together. I think I'm kicking this sinus infection so I am starting to get excited, at least about the expo anyways!

  2. SO glad we got to run together so much today and that I saw you (before I saw this!) I think you are exactly right, sticking to the basic pasta & chicken night before is best :) awesome job today Tori!!!